Customer Testimonials

Mr. Michael Taylor was the primary carpenter on our recently completed addition on a 1781 stone farmhouse. He did all the rough work, the flooring, built-in dresser and bathroom vanity, and built a free standing shaker table for us. This recommendation is based on our experience with all aspects of his working talents. He worked independently, was quick to discuss with us issues that arose requiring a decision, was innovative when that was required, was thorough and did not cut corners, and took appropriate professional pride in everything he did. When he did work with other members of the builder’s team, he was considerate, easy to work with and built a consensus plan before moving on. We feel that his interpersonal skills were very good. A few times adjustments were required on work that had been done, there was no finger pointing; he just got on with the job. For example, we wanted a transom over one of the doors and the hardware we were given was not the best, so even though it required a couple of attempts to make it right, he did not complain, he just got on with the job. The quality of all aspects of his work was outstanding.
He had a good sense about what might fit with the addition to our old house; we value his input on a number of items and implemented them. When it came to the flooring, he identified the best wood, milled it, installed it and face nailed it with period correct cut nails. The final product was much more to our liking than if someone had just come in to install a floor without giving much thought to the job. We guess that Mike does what he does as a vocation rather than a job. In other words he is really engaged in the process. We found the built-in dresser and vanity to be both beautiful and functional. The Shaker side table that he made is a work of art. Mike is personable, easy to get along with, communicative and thorough. We would be happy to have him do additional work for us in the future and highly recommend him.

– Gordon and Christie Kauffman